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To whom it may concern

June 04, 2020 — Sebastian Alejandro

To whom it may concern,

Following the events of 9/11, we entered a new age of our country. People had experienced something that they had never experienced before. A large rush of fear mixed nationalism struck the country. People wanted change. People wanted to go after the terrorists that attacked our country. People wanted nothing like this to ever happen again. Tensions grew, and security became tighter. We went to war, and killed the man behind the largest terrorist attack against our country. We gained things like the Patriot Act, which gave the United States the right to again access into our lives. The United States made a promise that nothing like this would ever happen again, and they succeeded. There has never been a domestic terrorist attack as bad as 9/11 on American soil. That was the past, and said past cannot be forgotten. Turn to today. People are in the streets peacefully protesting over the death of George Floyd. The key word here is, “peaceful”. The police have been attacking and arresting people over nothing. Over the 9 days of protest, there have been 4k+ arrests throughout all 50 states. Most cases are ones where the police insight the violence During a protest in Washington D.C. (the day of President Trump’s photo-op) a 100% peaceful protest, which had no projectiles thrown or cops attacked, people were rushed and attacked themselves by the police. There is violence on both sides, however, and neither should be tolerated. There are people that are rioting, burning buildings, and destroying property. These people are being mixed in with peaceful protesters, and the police are treating the ones that did nothing wrong as the ones that did something wrong. Seeing videos online of this event, and the police attacking innocent people has made me extremely sad and upset. We need change soon, or else tensions will keep building. Our country is in shambles. Our president actively flaunts his blatant racism, and our vice president actively supports conversion therapy. Our country is ruled by hatred, and violence has replaced justice. People are sick and tired of all of it, and people are going out to protest to show that they’re done. When I visit social media, and I see videos of protests, I feel my anxiety spike. This is a call to action to fix the system, fix the leadership, and fix the plague that affects our nation: racism. The only way people can resolve this problem is if they show their full support to organizations like Black Lives Matter. Donate, sign petitions, and go to protests! Show your support!

Thank you.

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